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Howie's C&H Tree service provides expert services. We are trained, licensed and insured professionals.  Call today for a free estimate!


Pruning your tree will dramatically enhance the health, safety and look of your trees. Removal of dead limbs and branches will keep your trees healthy and stimulate healthy growth all year long.


Elevating the lower limbs on a tree is necessary at times when limbs are encroaching on a structure, hang low over a sidewalk, road, yard or pool.  They may also pose a safety issue or be against town code.  Elevating a tree increases the clearance from the ground to the lowest remaining foliage by trimming up the lower branches. 

Stump Removal

At Howie's  we have the proper equipment to remove any size stumps in front, side and back yards.  We can safely remove stumps without damage to adjoining areas of your property.


Unfortunately, we sometimes need to remove trees due to a variety of reasons. Removal of trees require great skill, extensive training, and proper equipment and safety precautions. With Howie's C & H Tree Service you are guaranteed a quality job by trained professionals who follow strict procedures to ensure the integrity of the surrounding property. We are licensed and insured. 


Tree topping is the practice of removing whole tops of trees or large branches and/or trunks from the tops of trees. Hundreds of large trees are topped each year for safety, aesthetics, reduced shading, and to stimulate new growth. 

Log Length Firewood

Howie's provides delivery of log-length firewood anywhere on Long Island.

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